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and other Print Disabled students and their teachers
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            LRS are the Large Print Experts!
            LRS can make ANY book in Large Print:         
  • State or Local Editions
  • Math, Science and Foreign Languages
  • Old Copyrights, non-adopted titles, college books
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                        Fast delivery, made to order in 2-3 weeks, often faster.
                        Extra large type size, minimum 18 pt.
                        Small closed book size.
                        Same pagination and layout as the original

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Welcome to LRS Large Print School Books:

NEW! This site is designed to help those teachers and other educators who have never used Large Print, often because they've never had a Visually Impaired or other print disabled student in their classroom before.  You're unsure of what's available, and where to search for and how to order LRS Large Print School Books.

NEW! We're also here for those of you who've never seen LRS Large Print before, or haven't seen our latest full-color, digitally-printed 21st Century Large Print School Books. LRS Large Print books have a small book size, while maintaining the same page numbers and page payout as the original.  See why.

NEW!  This site will introduce our regular customers to new ideas from LRS, as well as let you know why LRS Large Print is ideal for mainstreaming and inclusion of Visually Impaired students in a classroom

Best Value!

Why are LRS Large Print School Books the best value for your vision-aid dollar? Because VI students will actually use them!   See Why!

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  • When do I need LRS Large Print?
  • Where do I search for and order LRS Large Print?
  • Why Large Print, Why LRS Large Print?
  • How are LRS Large Print books made and how do I order? FAQ.

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