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The Experts in Large Print for Visually Impaired
and other Print Disabled students and their teachers
When do I need LRS Large Print School Books?

When I have a Visually Impaired student in my mainstream classroom.

When I have a multi-disabled student who needs a book that can double as a book-stand.

When I need a vision aid that my student will actually use.

When I want a Large Print School Book that's about the same size as the original.

When I can't wait three months for a large print book to be produced.

When I have a student who is dyslexic, autistic or just a reluctant or struggling reader in my classroom. For more information, please visit:

Peer Pressure and Social Stigma

"Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses"      (Dorothy Parker)

This statement is still widely believed, especially by middle-school girls!  It's no wonder that many vision aids go unused (around 50% according to the RNIB, UK, Vision 2005). 

Teenagers and pre-teens so often hate to be seen as different, and certainly don't want to be ostracized or even bullied.

In these days of IM, email and Facebook social cruelty is even more sophisticated.

LRS Large Print School Books are about the same size as regular books, so that
  • they fit in lockers
  • they fit in backpacks
  • they fit on desktops
so that the VI student can fit in!

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