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The Experts in Large Print for Visually Impaired
and other Print Disabled students and their teachers
Who are we? About LRS
LRS (Library Reproduction Service) provides Large Print School Books for Visually Impaired and other print-challenged students who are taught in a mainstreamed classroom environment. Our durable hardcover books are used in schools across the USA.

Each enlarged page retains the layout and numbering of the original page so that if a teacher says, " Turn to page 6, paragraph 2" it's the same for all students in the class, whether using the LRS book or the regular text.
  • LRS strives to keep the outward appearance of the book as close to the original as possible, so that users don't feel "singled out" or ostracized by their peers. See Why?
  • LRS Large Print School Books are digitally printed and are available in B&W or full-color.
  • LRS Large Print books are each individually made-to-order, offering a range of type size, binding options and formats. For available options see What?

LRS  has been providing innovative approaches to Large Print School Books for over 35 years. Our founder, John Scharlin, developed and patented the vertical (calendar) format which enables print to be enlarged substantially while maintaining the original page layout and keeping the closed book size close to the original.

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Large Print Juvenile Literature

Due to popular demand LRS has published two series of library-style hardcover Large Print books at bookstore prices.

The LRS Heritage Series of Classics includes many familiar titles, several of which are included in school reading curricula, for example:
  • Treasure Island
  • The Call of the Wild
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • A Little Princess
The LRS Cornerstone series of Juvenile Literature includes many loved childrens' books, often illustrated, and has many award-winning titles, including:
  • Stuart Little
  • Call it Courage
  • Bridge to Terabithia
  • Hatchet
Both these series of Large Print books have the following features:
  • Extra large type: at least 18 point.
  • Sharp bold print
  • Extra spacing between lines and paragraphs
  • Wide margins
  • High opacity 60# white paper
  • Durable hardcover library bindings
  • Laminated full-color covers
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